Open APIs

Integrate with 3rd Party CRMs via 1Lynx's pre-built API connectors or any other system easily.


Answer calls directly from the web browser with 1Lynx's in-built Web RTC technology without utilizing any device.

Click to interact

You and customers can click to interact via preferred channels, either voice, video or chat.


1Lynx's omnichannel CRM is reliable, and our safe contact center system runs at high speed.


You can add or remove agents, and introduce new features into your contact center without purchasing new hardware.

In-built Web IVR Designer

You can easily design your own Interactive Voice Response (IVR) flow with our user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Features of Omnichannel
Seamless and Effortless Business Strategy

Connected Customer Data

Connect all your existing customer data from any of your resources, optimize and sync them in a single place.

Rich Profiles & Segments

Build better user profiles and detailed audience segments with their behaviour and demographics data.

Codeless Flow Creator

Create an automated customer journey that involves interacting and engaging customers on their preferred communication channels.

A/B Test Campaigns

Personalize and optimize the seamless experience by doing A/B testing on your campaigns to increase engagement and conversion rates.

Event-Triggered Automation

Create automated interactions with event-triggered campaigns to make the user experience feel more interactive.

Campaign Efficiency Results

Monitor and measure your marketing strategy results by tracking its performance so that your team works toward the same goal.

Fulfilling Customers’ Needs at Every Touchpoint

Integrated Omnichannel Solution

Widgets to Power Up Your Website

Omnichannel Widget is a flexible central platform for your business that supports conversations between customers and your teams on your website homepage.

ClickToVideo & ClickToCall

With the help of WebRTC Technology, it allows audio and video calls to directly target high-value prospects based on real-time information and offer customized offers.


Start a live chat that lets customers kick off the conversation directly and immediately engage with your teams to facilitate potential opportunities from your website.

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Consistent & Personalized Strategy That Goes Beyond Your Expectations

Consistent & Personalized Strategy That Goes Beyond Your Expectations 1Lynx Solutions .752's omnichannel is an innovative, consistent and personalized marketing strategy that focuses on streamlining all the interactions across multiple touchpoints in a unified way. It has become the standard of what customers expect from brands and supports your customers wherever they are. It stores all customer data in one easy-to-access platform, and conversations can be continued across different channels without interruption.
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Feature Highlights

Why Choose Our Omnichannel CRM?

  • Web RTC
  • Outbound
  • Analytics &
  • Intelligent
  • Integrations
  • All-In-One

Web RTC Recording

In-built Web RTC Recording without voice logger in every channels.


1Lynx's outbound dialer technology includes a predictive dialer algorithm.

Analytics & Reporting

Monitor campaigns, queues, IVRs, scripts, lists, departments, teams and agents' performance from any device for prompt action.

Intelligent Routing

Route or match customers to the most skilled or available agents.


Integrate with 1Lynx's loyalty program software, in-store analytics and customer support systems.

All-In-One Platform

Single interface for multi-channel interactions without toggling between applications or web, such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram, email & etc.

Feature-rich Conversational AI Platform

Custom UI

Proprietary NLP Engine

Context Awareness

Intent Handling

Pre-built integrations

Dynamic Response Generation

Exception handling


Human in the loop


The Reliable & Strong-relationship Business Partners

We are pleased to collaborate with these trustful partners from different organizations and industries to deliver the best results for you.

Aspects That Improve Customer Satisfaction

Multilingual Capabilities with Vernacular Languages

Support multiple languages to allow you to reach and engage a broader audience anywhere around the world.

NLP & ML Based Voice Blast to Different User Groups

Powerful built-in NLP and ML engine provides a more humanistic experience for your customers to drive conversions at scale.

API ready

Connect to channels that automatically handle API-ready solutions by clicking on a few checkboxes.


With the availability of speech-to-text/text-to-speech, live speech synthesis can quickly identify and respond to customer problems.

Eco System Readiness

The application of API is a path to future readiness that improves customer experience and can positively impact your business’s profitability.

Infrastructure Readiness

Deliver superior omnichannel experiences by setting up eCommerce technological infrastructure across all communication channels.

Want to build a better customer experience with 1Lynx Solution .752’s omnichannel?