ChatAssist.752 tool empowers support and helps to offer prompt assistance to customers. ChatAssist.752 can improve customer service communication and strengthen client relationships. It significantly speeds up the information and resolutions to be presented to customers. It also provides proactive support by experts to achieve, and ensure a positive impact on the overall responses and customer experience.

Dedicated Messaging with Expert Support

Get immediate support from a subject matter expert via a dedicated chat support platform.

Provide Instant Support

Resolve queries instantly with the combination of automated responses (coming soon), support FAQ, knowledge base, and contextual live-expert intervention.

Offer Proactive Customer Service

Improve customer engagement quality, anticipate when CSR needs assistance and trigger messages offering proactive service instead of just reactive support.

Self-serve Support: A Smarter Way to Scale

It is simple to resolve repetitive questions with tools like Resolution Bot instantly—or to empower employees to self-serve with contextual articles.


Key features


Chat752 gives immediate real-time conversation with a support expert without holding the customer.

Announcements and Notification

Announcements & notifications can be broadcasted in Chat752 to all members immediately without affecting customer engagement.


Chat752 allows and supports experts to create new FAQs via chat session.

Chat Log

All chat history in Chat752 is logged for future reference.


Chat752 allows the supervisors to create an interactive quiz to test and improve users' support knowledge.

Knowledge Base

Chat752 is also a collection of documentation or articles that include how-to guides and troubleshooting instructions. It is designed to make it easy for people to find solutions to their problems without asking for help.


ChatAssist.752 System



Security at Every Stage

Data captured, transferred and stored encrypted

Servers Hosted in AWS

All stored data is fully deleted when subscription expires

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