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1Lynx Solutions .752 is Malaysian owned company and has grown tremendously to an established organization in providing solutions and consultancy services for IT, Digital Tools & Social Media Interaction. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service through our highly experienced and professional team with Responsiveness, Agility and Flexibility. Working with Companies, brands, and founders, we collaborate to uncover transformative changes with customer-centric and truly user-validated digital Solutions.
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Project Management

Project Solutioning and Consultation

1Lynx Solutions .752 provides project management consultancy services that includes tailor made solution for your industry needs. We have a dedicated and experienced team of Project Managers, Builders, Vendors and Supplier to ensure the projects are delivered within the time frame and budget without compromising the quality. We can represent our client as a Project Delivery Partner to work with their selected/preferred partners to ensure projects are executed and delivered as per contracts.

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Cloud Designs
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We provide high-quality solutions to cater for your business goals.

Telephony Platform

1Lynx Solutions .752 contact centre solution provides a set of innovative information technologies that allow users to manage the multiple channels, teams, and processes required to provide customers with an engaging experience.


1Lynx Solutions .752's omnichannel customer engagement solution allows you to connect with your customers and prospects through multiple channels in one platform.


1Lynx Solutions .752 provides the best and most dedicated CRM system platform that simplifies the process of managing your customer data and relationships.


We offer excellence and customized services for a better experience in your business.

IT Services

1Lynx Solutions .752 provides the best advice and recommendations on IT equipment and hardware products, such as computers, network devices, IT peripherals, etc., for businesses and SMEs. We ensure your IT tools meet the strategic needs of your business and are fit for purpose.

Secpoint -
Network Security Penetration Test

Penetration testing, or pen-testing, is a form of ethical cyber security assessment that seeks to identify, safely exploit and help to remediate vulnerabilities across computer systems, applications and websites.


1Lynx Solutions .752 provides the best agile software development services that customize systems which suit your business to improve your performance and management of your data and stakeholders with software implementation.

Looking for a time and energy-saving information technology solutions?